Tuscany by bike

A pleasant ups and downs among the hills, the cultivated fields that follow the sinuous course of the land, cypress trees to give background to ancient buildings and the ordered rows of vines.

The imagination of all of us is to travel these roads aboard a red convertible, maybe an Alfa Romeo Duetto, to be even more inside the Italian tradition. Yet these roads are perfect for another imaginary, that of bikes and slowness.

The soft pace of the bike is better suited to the desire to fully enjoy these enchanted landscapes. The slowness, the real luxury of today, is the heart of a holiday and even more so in these lands that require attention to savor the details. Just as when tasting a good wine, matured thanks to time and refined by the expertise of man, it is necessary to take some time, in the same way it is necessary to free the mind and make room for perception to be integrated into a landscape, to be part of it. More and more people choose to visit Tuscany by bike. Some stop at Castel Porrona for lunch, taking advantage of our restaurant. Others remain to relax in our Spa in the heart of Tuscany and to rest in a real Medieval Castle that has become a Relais.

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